This is only a tool for collecting useful data, we are not making diagnostics with x-rays (maybe in the future if it's legally possible)

Join us in the fight against covid-19

We are creating an x-ray dataset to train an AI algorithm able to assist doctors in the detection of Coronavirus through a simple App.

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Anyone can help

Collecting data related to covid-19 symptoms and x-ray of people infected (or not) may help to create a powerful AI tool to assist doctors in the triage/diagnosis process of the Coronavirus.

Not only for COVID-19, also for future pandemics

How it works

For Doctors

If doctors upload enough x-ray images of patients infected with COVID-19 and healthy patients, we can further train and improve our AI algorithm and make it available to medical institutions and governments to assist and speed up the process of detecting the virus.

Upload x-ray images
Associate images to patient symptoms
Receive AI algorithm feedback
Contribute to create a trusted data base

For People

People willing to contribute can take a quiz to monitor their symptoms frequently. This will help us to better understand ‘alert signs’ of the coronavirus. Also, they are able to voluntary upload x-ray images to contribute the AI algorithm.

Ask symptoms quiz
Monitor symptoms frequently
Recommendations on how to act
Upload x-ray images to contribute AI

About us

Fight COVID-19 is a non-profit, collaborative community democratizing AI to assist in the detection and triage of COVID-19 cases

"We are just a bunch of people from different places around the world willing to help without any return"

What we know about the
x-rays and coronavirus

The consensus among experts is that Chest X-rays (CXR) are not sufficient for diagnosing COVID-19, and the preferred modality is CT. Human experts can make an educated diagnosis, better on CT than CXR, but it is not foolproof. The ultimate gold-standard is still the RT-PCR test, which is in scarce supply
The role of CT
The role of CT should be to help screen out unlikely cases to ease the burden on the RT-PCR testing, and where mass CT scans is unfeasible, CXR’s might have to fill that role.
COVID-19 manifests on CXRs and CTs similarly to pneumonia. There has been some conflicting papers on other observations/symptoms - some papers suggest that particular symptoms are absent (e.g. pleural effusion), while others seem to contradict that. We’ll need to do a thorough literature review and consult some experts.
NOT imply pneumonia
But COVID-19 does NOT imply pneumonia nor vice versa. It is very possible for a person with COVID-19 to be asymptomatic. This is especially the case for young and healthy people.
Symptoms progress
COVID-19 symptoms take a while to manifest, and become more obvious as time passes. We don’t have a concrete value, but obviously detection improves as the symptoms progress.

Our goals

What are we trying to achieve with this proyect

Improve speed of signs detection
Relief the load of the healthcare system by redirecting the low risk patients to sites with reliable information about health care and redirect the high-risk patients to the closest medical facility.
Serve as generators of real-time information.
Keep close links with healthcare authorities and generate useful epidemiological information.
Identify if AI has a role in the chest X-rays of patients with suspicion or diagnosis of coronavirus.

Our vision

Build a faster COVID-19 test

If the data of x-rays and symptoms collected is effective and we receive the legal and medical institutions approval, we imagine our App as a tool for true testing

Open source

Everything we do is going to be uploaded on a GitHub repository in order to anyone in the world be able to use the AI algorithm we are developing

Non-profitable and collaborative

There is zero interest on raising money doing this, we only want to help and any another hand is welcome!

Also for future pandemics

The dangerous pandemics are those who  are spread through the air and respiratory tracts, thats why this App will help in the future to fight new pandemics.

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